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I am a writer/ghostwriter

You don’t have to be famous before you have a story.
In fact, all of us have a story to tell because all of us like to be understood.
It's human nature to want to be understood and to have your voice heard.
It might be a story that appeals to thousands of readers or
perhaps just a handful of family members.
With more than 20 years of writing experience, I am comfortable working with a plethora of genres
and subjects. In addition to an inordinately large pile of magazine articles, blogs, training material, etc., the list includes more than 20 published books. Many of the books have been memoirs of an eclectic cast of characters—a woman sold into slavery by her mother, a small town country doctor, a successful midwestern businessman, a Canadian billionaire, a woman married to a psychopath for three decades, a young man who lived a life of drugs and violence, and a few others.

My experience in non-fiction includes books about finding your dream job, Artificial Intelligence,
principles of Human Resources, investing, a variety of Christian topics, and even dipping my toe
occasionally into fiction.
Broken: Life and Times of Erik Daniels began as a ghostwriting project for a young man whose life is very clearly represented by the photo on the cover. However, about half way through the project, Erik died. Since I didn’t have the “rest of the story,” I had to piece together the ending based on the scraps of information I picked up along the way. It is a memoir that reads much like a novel and you will be riveted to the book until the last page.

Review: Quick read...very engaging. Terry Austin masterfully retells the brief life of Erik Daniels. The story centers around Erik's horrible experiences in an "insane world" and decades of bad choices that follow. This isn't a new story, but Austin's perspective makes it well worth the read.
No Excuses! Get it Done was written for Rocky, a highly energetic young man with a national following through his radio/TV work. His goal is to encourage young people to go after their “dream job” in a way that will bring success. This is a motivational workbook based on the power of one man’s story.

Review: Rock T gets straight to the point with this one!!! Sound and helpful advice for anyone to follow. I recommend this to anyone that needs motivation to jumpstart their lives or plans.
These two books are non-fiction and ghostwritten for two well known men in their fields. I have written multiple books for both clients and they have sold enough copies to recoup their investment for writing and publishing.

Unapologetic Christianity is an appeal to living a bold life of faith in a secular world. It required extensive research and biblical interpretation.

Profit or Principles begins with a fictional story of a
potential investor that lays the groundwork for a specific type of financial investing.
These two books were published under my own name and reflect my personal life. Christmas Parables is a work of fiction and is a collection
of short stories that capture the spirit of Christmas. Why I Quit Going to Church is a reflection on my own relationship with the church and the power of my faith to persevere. This book reached #2 in sales at one point on Amazon Most of my personal writing has a Christian theme but my ghostwriting spans a wide genre of subjects.
Ghostwriting is a skill and an art. It is a skill in the sense that it must be learned. A ghostwriter must learn how to listen to others tell their story, learn how to research and compile facts and information, and determine how to incorporate all that information so it makes sense. However, it’s also an art because a story is more than a pile of information. An artist makes the story compelling, not only for the storyteller but also for the reader/listener.

Contact: Terry Austin [email protected]